pay per click advertising

Getting noticed is vital to the success of your website. You may have a unique product but if your website cannot be easily found then your stream of revenue from the internet will suffer. KN Media offer a range of solutions to suit your aims and budget, ensuring a maximum return on investment over time.

With so many options available today we will guide you towards the optimum strategy, giving reasons as to why certain methods are chosen and delivering on clearly detailed projections.


PPC advertising on Google, Yahoo and Bing

Depending on the nature of your business and targets set, your PPC campaign will be text based, comprised of an image(s) or a video advert. During initial discussions we will ascertain the most effective medium for advertising your website. All PPC content is available as part of our comprehensive service including photography and editing where required.


PPC cost

Budgets are worked out on a month by basis and are governed by your expectations weighed against realistic targets. Generally an effective budget starts at around £100.00 per month rising to several thousands of pounds per month.

Influencing factors that will dictate an effective entry level campaign cost are:

  1. Level of competition from companies targeting your keywords
  2. Level of traffic associated with a given keyword
  3. Your expectations in terms of impact
  4. Your budget commitment

KN Media recommend monitoring your campaign to ensure that positive trends are exploited whilst negative trends are eliminated. An option we offer is to produce a concise report once per month covering market repsonse to your PPC campaign, whilst not obligatory this commitment ensures maximum return on your budget.



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